Insurance Terms

Auto Insurance

Auto Liability Insurance is required by law in the State of Texas.

Texas requires motorists to carry a minimum of $30,000 in bodily injury coverage per person, $60,000 in bodily injury coverage per accident and $25,000 for property damage. These limits are traditionally presented in this format: 30/60/25. Liability Insurance helps protect you and your assets if you cause an injury to others or damage the property of others with your vehicle. While minimum coverage limits vary from state to state, we strongly advice that you carry more than the minimum amounts, especially when it comes to liability for bodily injury. Ultimately, the decision of how much liability coverage to carry is up to you and selecting higher coverage amounts—typically it will only add a few dollars to your monthly bill!

Optional Coverages and Definitions

Medical Payments
Offers coverage for the cost of doctors, hospitals and funeral expenses of you and/or your passengers, that result from an accident, regardless of who is at fault. This insurance coverage would protect you when you drive another person's car (with permission) or if you or your family are struck by another vehicle as pedestrians. Limits usually vary anywhere from $2500 to $10,000.
Personal Injury Protection (PIP)
This coverage is a broader form of medical payments insurance. It can pay for medical care, lost wages and replacement services for the injured party (for example, paying for a babysitter for children while a mother is hospitalized). It would pay regardless of who is at fault in an accident.
Uninsured Motorist (UM)
Offers coverage is for the cost of damages and injuries resulting from being hit by an uninsured driver or by a hit-and-run driver. Both you and your passengers would be covered for medical expenses, lost wages and other injury-related losses.
Underinsured Motorist (UIM)
Offers coverage is for damages that exceed the amount of coverage carried by an underinsured driver. You choose the amount of coverage when you purchase this protection.
Collision Coverage
Offers coverage for damage to your own auto that results from colliding with another vehicle or object, or from a vehicle rollover. Your vehicle would be covered no matter who caused the accident with this coverage and you would be responsible for your deductible.
Comprehensive Coverage
Offers coverage for damage to your own auto caused by something other than a collision. This includes theft and vandalism, and disasters such as fire, flood and hail. This coverage also requires you pay the deductible before the insurance company pays the damages.
Rental Car Coverage
Offers coverage for the use of a rental car when your covered vehicle is in an accident while you vehicle is being repaired.
Towing & Labor
Offers coverage for towing & labor. If you have an accident, the towing company affiliated with your insurance company may tow you vehicle, choose the option that works best for your needs.

Each auto insurance policy is tailored to the request of the insured. Call to get a Quote Today!

Homeowners Insurance

Your Home is one of your most valued investments. Protect it.

Homeowners Insurance
Offers protection for private homes when owner occupied. It is an insurance policy that combines various personal insurance protections, which can include losses occurring to one's home. The Dwelling Coverage is the limit the Home is insured for in case of a total loss. Coverage available in most Homeowners Insurance Policies include Other Structures, Loss of Use (additional living expenses), as well as liability insurance for accidents of a visitor that may happen at the home. There are several policies available within any insurance company. You can insure your home for Actual Cash Value or Replacement Cost. You can also insure your Personal Property at Actual Cash Value or Replacement Cost. Each Homeowners Policy has different coverage. Make sure your review your full policy carefully to see what you are covered for in case of a loss.
The Dwelling Fire Policy (TDP)
Is similar, but used for residences that are not owner occupied but occupied by a tenant.

The insurance policy itself is a lengthy contract, and names what will and what will not be paid in the case of various events. Typically, claims due to flood, or war (whose definition typically includes a nuclear explosion from any source) are excluded. Special insurance can be purchased for these possibilities, including flood insurance. Insurance must be updated to the present and existing value at whatever inflation up or down, and an appraisal paid by the insurance company will be added on to the policy premium.

Anyone with an insurable interest in the property should be listed on the policy.

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Flood Insurance

Homeowners insurance does not cover losses due to a flood. This is a separate policy and can be purchased any time. If you are in a non flood zone, the average premium for a 12 month flood insurance policy is from $264 - $355. Flood insurance is vital in protecting your home and personal property from losses due to a flood. There is a standard 30 day wait on the policy so do not wait until it is too late.

Renters Insurance

If you are a tenant and would like to cover your personal property in case of a loss, consider Renters Insurance. This coverage can protect your personal belongings from a fire or theft. Discuss the covered perils with your agent.

General Liability Insurance

A commercial General Liability Policy offers broad coverage that includes liability exposures of a business, product liability, completed operations, premises and operations of independent contractors and business owners.

Commercial General Liability Programs include:

  • Adult Day Care
  • Alarm Installers
  • Amusement Rides
  • Apartments
  • Bar/Tavern
  • Building Demolition
  • Catering
  • Churches
  • Clubs &; Civic, Service or Social
  • Commercial Property Owners
  • Condominium and Homeowners' Association
  • Convenience Stores
  • Counseling Centers
  • Day Care Facilities
  • Flea Markets
  • General Contractors
  • Halfway Houses
  • Home Health Care
  • Hunting Clubs
  • Lessor's Risk
  • Liquor Liability
  • Manufacturers
  • Mercantile Classes
  • Mobile Home Parks
  • Motels/Hotels
  • Offices
  • Outfitters & Guides
  • Pawn Shops
  • Refuse, Garbage Collection
  • Rental Dwelling Program
  • Restaurants/Delis
  • Security and Patrol Agents
  • Shopping Centers
  • Special Events
  • Swim & Racquet Clubs
  • Truckers
  • Umbrella Coverage
  • Welders

Commercial Auto Insurance

Our superior service and competitive rates attract – and retain – more insureds who recognize the value of shopping with a local independent agent.

We have top rated carriers and can insure all Commercial Vehicles and Trailers. We can tailor your policy to include any of the following coverages: Liability coverage available up to $1 million CSL, Physical Damage Coverage, Cargo Coverage, Non-Trucking Liability, Uninsured Motorist, PIP, Medical Payments. Speak to any of our qualified agents for a quick quote on your commercial auto insurance.

The TXDOT requires Commercial Auto Insurance, we make it affordable!

RV Insurance

An RV is like a house on wheels.

RV insurance can protect your investment from top to bottom.

With RV insurance, you can select all sorts of coverage, including Vacation Liability, Full Timer’s, Emergency Expense and more.

Your RV insurance policy offers protection for your traveling companions and your valuables when you’re on a trip.

Boat Insurance

Just like auto insurance, we make boat insurance easy!

A boat insurance policy comes with plenty of options for specialized coverage, such as Roadside Assistance, On-Water Towing, and more.

Spending some time shopping for boat insurance can help you choose the right boat insurance for your needs. With so many boat insurance companies to choose from, our goal is to provide you with all the information you need to make the right decision.

We insure all kinds of boats and PWCs, including pontoons, sailboats, house boats, fishing boats and much, much more. Get a boat insurance quote today and receive the coverage you need!

Personal Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella insurance refers to a liability insurance policy that protects the assets and future income of the policyholder above and beyond the standard limits set on their primary policies.

Typically, an umbrella policy is pure liability coverage over and above the coverage afforded by the regular policy, and is sold in increments of one million dollars. The term "umbrella" is used because it covers liability claims from all policies underneath it, such as autos and homeowners policies. Umbrella insurance provides broad insurance beyond traditional home and auto. It provides additional liability coverage above the limits of your homeowner's, auto, and boat insurance policies. It can also provide coverage for claims that may be excluded by the primary policies often including, but not limited to false arrest, libel or slander.

Wedding Insurance

Wedding Insurance is exactly what it sounds like – an insurance policy that covers your wedding and financially protects you against misfortune and mishap. Wedding Insurance policies are relatively inexpensive and can help you have peace of mind.

Wedding insurance typically covers the following, however you will need to tailor your policy:

If your celebration has to be postponed because of rain or other bad weather, your policy should cover the cost of rescheduling.
Illness or Injury
If essential people get sick or injured and cause the wedding to be postponed, the expenses involved with that postponement are covered.
A Missing Officiant
If your minister, justice of the peace, rabbi or other celebrant should be a no-show, you’ll recoup some of your costs.
Missing Vendors
Similarly, if your caterer, florist, photographer, or other key vendor is missing in action, you’ll recover some costs and possibly the costs of rescheduling the whole thing.
The Location
If your ceremony and reception sites don’t already carry their own insurance, your wedding insurance policy can cover damage to the site, fire, electrical or mechanical problems, or going out of business that causes you to lose money or have to reschedule.